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Protect Our Lakeshore

We oppose the plan to use Granot Loma’s pristine coast as a commercial rocket launch site. Such an intensely industrial use would damage the ecosystem, endanger public safety, adversely impact our regional recreational based economy, and severely degrade the quality of life for all who come to visit, recreate, work, or reside near Lake Superior’s beautiful southern shore. Knowing that our lakeshore’s coastal ecosystem cannot be separated into anyone’s private front or backyard, but is instead a shared resource which benefits and sustains us all, we will fight in every forum to protect our shoreline and defeat this ill-conceived plan.


The mission of Citizens for a Safe & Clean Lake Superior is to protect and improve the precious environmental resource of the coastal habitat, shoreline, and fresh water of Lake Superior and its watershed in Marquette County, to oppose individual, corporate or governmental action which may jeopardize that resource, and to encourage community action to preserve the quality of life provided by this Lake Superior coastline environment for generations to come.

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