Our Supporters

As a recently formed non-profit organization, Citizens for a Safe & Clean Lake Superior (CSCLS) is deeply encouraged by the support received from individuals and organizations in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and well beyond. Our cause to protect Lake Superior and its shoreline from inappropriate industrialization resonates, and the potential destruction of pristine lakeshore by a commercial rocket launch enterprise alarms.

Organizations, Associations, and Businesses

We are honored to receive the endorsement or support of the following organizations, associations, and businesses that are recognized as leaders in the effort to protect and improve the natural resources of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


As the significant damage from the proposed rocket launch becomes evident, organizations are embracing our concerns with formal resolutions and statements of support:


How You Can Support CSCLS...

Join the CSCLS Mailing List 

Scores of individuals from Marquette and throughout Michigan, as well as Wisconsin, Minnesota, and as far as Arizona, Montana, Pennsylvania, Texas and Tennessee have joined our mailing list. We’ll keep you up to date on current issues, both good and not-so-good and ask for your ideas and help in furthering our efforts. If you haven’t, please click the button and sign up.

Order a Yard Sign 

We have both yard signs and bumper stickers available, free of charge! Click the button to order yours today!

Contribute Financially

Our contributors have been generous with money, talent and time. And we will need more of each to continue. Many donations have already come from individuals living in the UP and others who are just familiar with the area. In addition significant gifts from national, regional and local foundations and organizations have been critical in getting CSCLS up and running. Donations are appreciated at any time - see our donations page for more information.

Buy Local Art to Support CSCLS

Marquette artists and business owners, Carol Papaleo and Amber Johnston, are donating the profits from the sale of their art purchased at Art U.P. Style Gallery and Because Marquette to Citizens for a Safe and Clean Lake Superior (CSCLS) to help protect Lake Superior. Click the button to learn more!

Contact CSCLS

We eagerly welcome the support of like-minded organizations and associations. Click the button to get in touch with CSCLS directly, where you can also sign up for CSCLS email updates.

Moving forward we also need to enlist people to contribute their time. We need many voices to get out our message of the serious threat posed by the potential rocket launch on the Lake Superior shoreline. As a first step join our mailing list to let us know of your interest:

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