If you are interested in volunteering with us at local conservation projects & information booths, or want to offer your skills to CSCLS, please complete the form below!

Volunteer Interest Form

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Four ways to volunteer

1. Help at one of our information tables! 


We attend public events to hand out informational and promotional materials and answer the public's questions. 

Upcoming 2022 dates are: 

Marquette Farmer's Market: 9am to 1pm, Saturday, August 27th

Marquette Farmer's Market: 9am to 1pm, Saturday, September 24th


Fill out the form above to express interest in volunteering at one of these events!



3. Volunteer at local conservation projects!


Fill out the volunteer interest form to stay updated on opportunities to participate in local conservation! 

2. Attend a Marquette County Commission meeting to voice your opinion!


The Marquette County Commission needs to know that we oppose the rocket launch plans. At each meeting, CSCLS would like to use the space for public commentary to bring up the environmental and community threats posed by the rocket launch site.

To view upcoming dates, or to express interest, open the form below.

Open Forum Comments on the Proposed Rocket Launch Site - Google Forms



4. Offer your unique skills! 


If you have a unique skill that you want to offer, we would be happy to collaborate with you!