Yard Signs & Bumper Stickers

We have both yard signs and bumper stickers available, free of charge!

The yard signs are 24"W x 18"H, printed on both sides, and made of a durable material. They come with a metal frame that makes installation easy. Bumper stickers are 11"W x 3"H.

Both yard signs and bumper stickers feature the same design urging to "Protect Lake Superior" contrasted with the red universal "NO" symbol on top of a black rocket image. At the bottom the website name STOPTHEROCKET.COM will take a user to the Citizens for a Safe & Clean Lake Superior website.

If you feel inclined, a suggested donation of $10 would help cover our costs for one yard sign, or $11 for one sign and one bumper sticker. You can donate via PayPal, mail a check, or give cash to the CSCLS board member who gives you a sign or sticker. Please include a memo 'for yard sign/bumper sticker' if you donate via PayPal or check.

To reserve your sign or sticker please fill out the form below:
  • Once we know which of our board members lives closest to you, we will email you to set up a convenient time and place for a board member to give you a yard sign and/or bumper sticker!